Centre of Excellence

Your opportunity to give many more pets a second chance at life, by supporting Woodgreen’s radical new Centre of Excellence in pet care.

Will you be part of our vision by donating today?


£450 will provide 40 pet health and wellbeing checks carried out by our team in the community.


£20 could go towards special heat pads to help a pet with hypothermia.

Help save the lives of seriously injured, neglected and homeless pets like Harry

A dog warden found Harry abandoned on fenland and brought him to us. Often on the fens Salukis like Harry are used for hare coursing before being cruelly abandoned once they start to slow. Harry had been fending for himself for quite some time and was cold, starving and skinny and in tremendous pain from a horrific broken leg.

Slowly we built up Harry’s health until he became fit enough for an operation. Bree Merritt, our lead Vet, had no choice but to amputate his leg to save his life. I’m delighted to say that today Harry is living happily with a new family.

Rising costs mean we need to focus our effort where it will have the greatest effect for pets like Harry. The solution is to build a Centre of Excellence.

pet pathway

We believe by developing a Centre of Excellence we will be able to care for thousands more pets. We can either treat and shelter them at our purpose-built site or place them with trained fosterers or promote our expertise to support owners at home.

We’ll be at the leading edge of medical treatment, shelter and rehabilitation techniques. We are already at the forefront of treating behavioural problems caused by neglect or abuse, which makes it easier to rehome a pet successfully.

Work has already started on building a Centre of Excellence. We’re close to opening a new £2 million Cat Care and Rehabilitation Centre which is part of our vision on delivering excellent care and there is still an opportunity to contribute to a specific project below:

Kit out the catios

Play area with scratching posts: £200 Each catio will feature a durable weather-proof play area with scratching posts for claw maintenance and plenty of space for scent marking. Sun sail shade: £50 To provide much needed shade to our cats especially in the summer months. Total catio cost: £3,000

Kit out the cat units

Beds and scratching post: £90 This would provide a self-heating or orthopaedic bed (£40) and a cosy igloo-style bed (£20) and scratching post (£30). Observation camera: £120 We need this to check on pregnant cats, cats who are likely to have seizures and those who are too shy or nervous to come out in the day. Total cat unit cost: £20,000

Kit out the Vet suite

A vaccine fridge: £450 For the storage of vaccinations and other products that need to be kept at a stable temperature to ensure they don’t degrade. Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope: £750 The Otoscope checks the condition of the ear and the Ophthalmoscope checks the interior structure of the eye. Total vet suite cost: £70,000

Improved care for vulnerable cats like Gucci

Gucci arrived at Woodgreen with a broken leg and needed surgery as soon as possible to repair it. After lots of bed rest, he healed, but the ramp inside his unit in the present cattery was a constant temptation. He would try to climb the ramp even with a poorly leg, but we couldn’t take it away due to the unit’s construction. This meant we had to keep a constant watchful eye on Gucci to ensure he didn’t injure himself.

The flexible options the new centre will bring means we can tailor care to each individual cat. This will make their stay at Woodgreen as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, as well as aid their rehabilitation.

You could be part of helping us build a Centre of Excellence

By making a donation today; you’ll be giving pets who have been cruelly treated or abandoned a second chance at life. Pets like Harry and Gucci.

Get in touch

If you are interested in kitting out a whole cat unit or the Vet suite and would like to talk to Woodgreen about your gift before committing, please email Zarita Westmore, Head of Major Giving at

If you are in a position to make a gift of this amount, we would recognise your exceptional contribution with a permanent physical reminder of your generosity, inside or in the grounds of the new Centre. Thank you.