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Help more injured pets like Achilles

A nasty infection in his hind leg meant Achilles was almost put to sleep before he came to Woodgreen. Donations from supporters like you make all the difference to pets in need, just like Achilles.

A narrow escape from being put to sleep

Greyhound puppy Achilles was just 10 months old when he arrived at Woodgreen. His owners had taken him to the vet for a nasty infected wound on his left hindleg that had caused cellulitis – a severe bacterial infection that needed to be treated immediately.

The vet recommended amputation, but the owners felt unable to care for a three-legged dog and asked about putting Achilles to sleep. Thankfully, the vet suggested another way forward – bringing him to Woodgreen, where we could treat him and look for a new forever home.

Please help pets like Achilles

We're seeing more pets left homeless as owners can't afford or manage their care when the unexpected happens. We'll never turn them away, no matter the cost.


£45 could help pay for first and second vaccinations for a puppy like Achilles.


£8 a month could pay for a pet’s essential first vaccinations before they’re rehomed.

A major operation to try to save his leg

With the benefit of our surgical facilities and expertise, we could see from x-rays that there was a chance Achilles’ leg could be saved. When our vet operated, they found that the tissue inside the knee was so badly damaged that saving his leg would be touch-and-go. But Achilles deserved at least a chance to recover, and we were hopeful.

Sadly, after two weeks Achilles was still unable to bear weight on this leg and the knee joint was very stiff. A second x-ray revealed that part of the bone had come away, which meant it was now in Achilles’ best interest to amputate. We completed the operation we’d hoped to avoid and transferred Achilles to an out-of-hours hospital for intensive care.

Adapting to life on three legs

Achilles went home with our veterinary nurse, Lucy, for one-to-one foster care, where he recovered well and started to put back on all the weight he had lost.

Before long, Achilles was able to start going for short walks and was even well enough to play with Lucy’s young lurcher. Despite all he’s been through, Achilles is now ready for his next adventure!


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Why support Woodgreen?

Ever since we first opened our doors in north London in 1924, we’ve been transforming pets’ lives – and through them, the lives of owners. From those humble beginnings we’ve grown into one of the UK’s largest pet charities and our Godmanchester base is one of the largest animal rehoming centres in Europe.

Last year we cared for 4,269 dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and rodents in our centre. And alongside our animal care and rehoming, we helped thousands of pet owners with advice, support and training so they can give their pet everything they need.

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