Chester and Archie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
Chester - 8yrs, Archie - 6yrs
Admitted November 2021
My training needs
Some support

Chester is a little worried of new people and will need help and guidance (plus a tasty treat) to help make friends.

Support and Health

How much training will I need?

Some support

Chester is a little worried of new people and will need help and guidance (plus a tasty treat) to help make friends.

Can I be left alone?


They have never been left home on their own and will need guidance in this area.

Do I have any medical conditions?

Existing conditions

Chester - Cruciate disease

Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

They must be rehomed together, they love each other very much and have a strong bond. When meeting other dogs, Archie is quite friendly and happy to interact. Chester is happy to say a quick hello but is more reserved and doesn't really want much more interaction from other dogs.
They can live with securely caged small pets and we will advice how to keep everyone safe.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Archie and Chester are looking for a quiet home with minimal visitors and no visiting young children. They can live with teenagers and over. A couple of meets with them at the charity will be needed to start to build a relationship before going to their new home.
Archie is a social butterfly, Chester can be a little more reserved initially but remembers people he already knows and relaxes around them.

What type of environment would suit me?

The boys would love their own private, 6ft fenced garden to charge around in and to play with their toys.

About Chester and Archie

Chester is a mastiff cross and Archie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. They are extremely sweet and have an unbreakable bond. Chester does rely on Archie for a bit of a confidence boost at times but in time he will also look to his new family for this.
They are used to home comforts, particularly enjoying a good snooze on the sofa.

Things to note

They love their toys and will play together, independently and with people. They will occasionally chew them but they are theirs to do with what they will and some dogs just love to chew them. Don't spend a fortune on new toys!

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