Ongoing support
  • Lurcher
  • 6 years
  • Female
  • Admitted April 2021
  • Ref:129880

Bella will need new owners who are prepared to continue her training around other dogs and invest time in helping her become more comfortable being left home alone.

Support and Health

How much training will I need?

Ongoing support
Bella will need new owners who are prepared to continue her training around other dogs and invest time in helping her become more comfortable being left home alone.

Can I be left alone?

Bella is fully toilet trained and can be left for a short period once fully settled. She's been able to be left home alone for up to 90 minutes in her foster home. New owners can gradually work on building this time up in their own home.

Do I have any medical conditions?

History of
Bella has had a couple of medical conditions in her life, which will be explained in more detail as part of the rehoming process.

Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

Bella will need to be the only pet in the household and would prefer to be walked in quiet locations where she will not see many dogs, particularly those that are running free. Bella is undergoing training for her behaviour around dogs, which is progressing positively.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Due to her sensitive nature, Bella will need to live with children over the age of 10 years. To help with her home-alone training, she is ideally looking for at least a two-person household. She can be shy and nervous around new people, any introductions to visitors will need to be at her pace.

What type of environment would suit me?

Bella walks well on lead and will need to remain so whilst out and about due to her behaviour with other dogs but she would love to play in a private six-foot fenced garden at home. Due to her sensitive nature, she would not suit living in a busy area.

About Bella

Bella is a gorgeous lady who is looking for her forever home. As you can see from her photos she loves to lounge about the house in various places, such as on her bed snoozing, sun bathing in the garden or looking out the window at the world going by
Bella is a dab paw at enrichment feeding toys and really enjoys training. When she knows you she is really affectionate, loves fuss and attention and will often come and nuzzle her nose between your knees or gently offer you a paw for further love and cuddles.
Bella is currently on foster and this is just a little note from her fosterers...
"Bella presents as initially shy and reserved. She is a cautious dog that responds well to patience and a positive approach. Once comfortable which does not take long at all, she is so affectionate and laid back. You will never tire of her quirkiness, her joy from a squeaky toy or tugging game and has the potential be a great running partner keeping pace by your side. She is very bright and loves the challenge of puzzles, treat games and magic tricks involving hiding treats.
When you return home, she’ll be like a tornado rushing to greet you and welcome you back like a long lost friend. Bella is a clear communicator (with her nose) she uses it to get you up from the chair if you’ve forgotten walk time, nudges you with it at dinner time and buries it under your hand for strokes! She loves a spot on the sofa but will equally spread out her long limbs on the floor, especially in the sunshine - ‘just chillin!’ You are in for hours of entertainment watching her myriad of yoga and sleeping positions. Bella is a joy waiting to be discovered and she cant wait to find her forever family."

Things to note

Due to Bella's sensitive nature, potential new owners will need to be prepared to make multiple visits to meet her and make friends.

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