Leia, Luke, Vader & Bee

3 years old - 6 years old
Admitted December 2021

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Additional information

As with all small pets, chinchillas will need to be housed securely away from any other pets in the home.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Some Chinchillas really enjoy human interaction; they will take food from your hands and hop over you during free-range play time. However, not all chinchillas enjoy this, and many can find sudden loud noises etc. frightening. Because of this they often suit families with slightly older children who are happy to take their time building up a relationship with their new chinchillas.

What type of environment would suit me?

Chinchillas can be very active and enjoy exploring their surroundings, so they will need daily free range time out of their cage. They are able to gnaw through plastic very easily so choosing a large metal cage with a metal floor is recommended. The ideal size cage for a pair of Chinchillas is: 159cm high, 93cm wide and 63cm deep. This group of four will need a larger set up, for example two Liberta Explorer cages secured together. Chinchillas also need to be kept in a cool room away from direct sunlight.

About Leia, Luke, Vader & Bee

Leia is looking for her forever home with her three neutered male companions; Luke, Vader and Bee. They love spending their time together and having lots of space to explore. Being a group of four, they need a large set up where they can have lots of enrichment to explore, as well as free range time. They are an inquisitive bunch but can be a little nervous. If you can offer this group the home they are looking for, please complete the online registration form below.

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