Domestic Short Hair
6 years
Admitted November 2021

Who I can live with

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Additional information

We do not have any history on how Luna is with other animals as she was the only pet in the home. To keep any possible stress factors to a minimum for Luna, we are looking for a home where she will be the only pet.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Luna will need a quiet and calm home where she can have a predictable routine. Ideally, she would live with one or two adults, and in a home where there are not too many visitors. When there are visitors, she may to want to hide away.

What type of environment would suit me?

Luna is looking for a quiet home. Once she is feeling more settled she will need access to the outdoors. Due to her worried nature, we would advise that when going outdoors, Luna must have the ability to access the house at all times so that if she becomes spooked she can return to where she feels safe.

Luna may find a large open space rather overwhelming, so it is a good idea to provide shelter, several hiding areas, and places where she can get up high, to help her to feel safe outdoors.

About Luna

Luna’s new owner’s will need to be understanding that she is a cat with a very nervous nature and it is likely to take a long time, potentially months for her to settle. It is difficult to say how confident Luna will become once settled, as we have limited behavioural history.

Luna needs an owner who is happy to take things at her pace and wait until she is confident enough to come out and investigate. This slow approach will give her time to settle in her new environment. Once she feels safe in the environment, she will feel confident enough to start interacting positively with an owner.

Luna likes Dreamies and her fosterer has been able to use these to help build a positive association with Luna by placing them near her hiding area (a chair covered with a blanket in foster home). She also likes catnip and a catnip toy near her hiding area has helped build her confidence to venture out a little.

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