Ongoing support
  • German Shepherd
  • 6 years
  • Female
  • Admitted January 2022
  • Ref:141813

Mia may need some distraction training from some dogs, we will show you the training we have started.

Support and Health

How much training will I need?

Ongoing support
Mia may need some distraction training from some dogs, we will show you the training we have started.

Can I be left alone?

She could potentially be left home on her own once settled but will need a little training in this area.

Do I have any medical conditions?


Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

She likes to chase smaller animals and cannot live with cats or smaller caged pets. Mia is not tolerant of other dogs, preferring her own space and not to meet them. She may need distraction training from some dogs that she may bark at.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Mia can live with children aged 7 years and over. She is a social lady once she has said an initial high. She does bond very quickly to new owners and all will have to take a part in her care to stop any over attachment to one particular person in the home.

What type of environment would suit me?

Mia would love her own private 6ft fenced garden to charge around in and to let off some steam.

About Mia

Mia found herself at the Charity as she wasn't getting on with other pets in the home.

Things to note

Mia loves to use her nose on walks and follow scents. She works for treats, a ball, praise, and a massage and is highly intelligent and loves to learn new things.
Mia enjoys cuddling up at your feet when you have work to do or want company watching television. She enjoys working for her food, finding it in the house, trying to solve puzzles, getting it out of newspaper parcels and boxes.
She loves her toys, especially ripping them up !!

Fallen in love?

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