Settling in
  • Domestic Short Hair
  • 9 years 9 months
  • Female
  • Admitted July 2021
  • Ref:90399

Support and Health

Do I have any medical conditions?

History of
Princess has a history of some minor medical conditions that we can discuss with you in more detail.

Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

Princess could live with a calm respectful dog but would prefer to be the only cat in her new home. She could share her home with securely housed small pets.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Princess could share her home with older children (13 years+) who who will allow Princess to initiate contact, pay attention to her body language and be respectful of her independent side.

What type of environment would suit me?

Princess likes to sleep for long hours in the day so if you have a spare throne just laying around, Princess would love to claim it as her own! Princess also likes to spend time in the garden and is used to having a catflap so that she can come and go as she pleases.

About Princess

Princess is a friendly cat, who has a very sweet, soppy side to her once she is familiar with you, but she does also very much like to have her own space. She likes short bursts of fuss, but will let you know if she has had enough. Princess is great with one-to-one adult interaction but becomes nervous if there are too many people around. She will seek people out if they are calm and sitting down, but is warier when they are moving around.

Princess is playful and enjoys playing with small balls, toy mice and chasing feathers on a string. She can be quite vocal at times & has quite a screechy meow! In the right home, with patient and understanding owners, Princess will make someone a lovely companion.

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