Your 10,000 step challenge questions answered!

Here’s your one-stop shop for all your 10,000 step challenge questions!

If you’re still struggling or there’s a specific question we haven’t answered here, please email us on:

How do I raise money?

If you haven’t already, set up your JustGiving page to start raising funds.

Then, share your page with friends, family and colleagues over email, WhatsApp or social media and ask them to sponsor you for your challenge.

You can boost your fundraising by sharing your progress on social media, posting updates about your walks and how many steps you’ve completed each week. 

I am afraid I won’t raise any money, what can I do?

Did you know people are more likely to give if someone else already has? Try making a small donation to yourself, to get the ball rolling.  

Remember to share your progress to encourage donations. A selfie from your walk or a screenshot of your route can help show people you’re really doing the challenge and encourage them to give.

You could even ask close friends and family to share your JustGiving page on their social media, to encourage their friends to support you too.

How can I track my steps?

You can track your steps with any step-tracking app on your smartphone. We recommend Strava because your progress will show on your JustGiving – find out how here.

You can also use the health app on your phone, a Fitbit or a simple pedometer to track your daily steps.  

How do I earn a medal?

We know how important getting that first donation is, so when you get your first sponsorship of any amount on JustGiving we will send your medal and dog tag keyring in the post.

What happens to the money I raise?

The funds you raise will help Wood Green continue to care for homeless and vulnerable pets, just like Harry.

Harry was found abandoned in a heartbreaking condition. Harry’s leg was broken, his skin sore and scabby, and he was extremely malnourished and very weak.

Our experienced team sprang into action to help Harry with medication, pain relief, surgery, and a special diet for his weight. Harry healed really well, going from sad and shy, to a lovely, playful pooch and a firm favourite with our team.

Harry is now living by the beach with a kind, retired lady who can give him all the love he has missed out on.

We’re seeing more and more abandoned and vulnerable pets like Harry. Your support means we never have to turn them away.

10,000 steps is harder than I thought, what can I do?

If you’re struggling to get your steps in, here are our top tips to get you moving:

  • Invite friends or get the whole family out for a walk around your local area
  • Do fewer steps on week days but make up for it at the weekend with a special route (as long as your weekly steps add up to 70,000 you know you’re on track!)
  • Borrow a friend’s dog to motivate you on a walk


Can I do more than 10,000 steps a day?

If 10,000 steps is a walk in the park for you, try increasing the number of steps. Remember to tell your supporters that you’ve raised the stakes to encourage them to donate to your challenge!