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Harry the lurcher

Donate today and help support more homeless pets

We're seeing more and more abandoned and vulnerable pets – and we'll never turn them away.

We're here for homeless pets like Harry

Our experienced team sprang into action to help Harry with medication, pain relief, surgery, and extra feeds to help his weight.


£45 could cover the cost of two x-rays to make sure pets like Harry receives exactly the right course of treatment.


£8 a month would pay for a pet's essential first vaccinations before they're rehomed.

Help support more homeless pets like Harry

Harry was in a truly distressing state when he came through our doors. With our help he rebuilt his strength and immune system.

Found alone and freezing with hardly any hair on his body

Harry was found abandoned on a bitterly cold December day in a heartbreaking condition. Harry’s leg was broken, his skin sore and scabby, and he was extremely malnourished and very weak. His fur was all but gone, and he was covered in fleas, his skin infected in several places from scratching. Judging from his condition, he had probably been on his own for weeks.


Strays like Harry were given the love and care they desperately needed last year.


Dog walks taken every year by our rehoming staff and volunteers - that's 165 a day!


Pets taken in and cared for by our expert team last year. Alongside dogs and cats, we help rehome chickens, rabbits and rodents.

From sad and alone, to a happy new home

It quickly became clear that, to relieve Harry’s pain, we would need to amputate his broken leg. Thankfully, Harry healed really well after his operation – and quickly too. Soon enough, he recovered and started to come out of his shell as well.

From sad and shy, to a lovely, playful pooch. He particularly loved spending time with our team and they loved getting to know him too!

Harry needed a new owner who could offer him all the love he had missed out on, and we soon found his perfect match. He’s now living by the beach with a kind, retired lady. As you can see, he’s made himself at home already!

Watch Harry's transformation

Why support Woodgreen?

Ever since we first opened our doors in north London in 1924, we’ve been transforming pets’ lives – and through them, the lives of owners. From those humble beginnings we’ve grown into one of the UK’s largest pet charities and our Godmanchester base is one of the largest animal rehoming centres in Europe.

Last year we cared for 4,269 dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and rodents in our centre. And alongside our animal care and rehoming, we helped thousands of pet owners with advice, support and training so they can give their pet everything they need.

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