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Help pets like Curly Kale

With badly bowed legs, Curly Kale didn't deliver on the 'cute puppy' image. We can’t be sure if this led to Curly Kale being abandoned and brought to Woodgreen, but we suspect it might have been.

We remain open to unwanted and homeless pets 365 days a year, and our centre is currently open to the public by appointment only. We’re seeing more unwanted pets who need urgent surgery, or lengthy training and rehabilitation. Please support our work today.

Help us care for more pets like Curly Kale

Four-month-old Curly Kale found it difficult to bear weight on his badly bowed legs. We called in specialist support to understand how to help him, arranged additional foster care, all so he was ready for a new home. Help us care for the next Curly Kale.


£45 could pay for x-rays for a dog's legs, to help confirm a limp isn't a fracture or worse.


8 a month could equip our veterinary surgeries with gowns, gloves and protective equipment.

Curly Kale came to Woodgreen after being found abandoned. He had badly bowed forelegs, and found it difficult to bear weight on them. Having never seen such a severe case, our vets decided to send out his x-rays to a specialist.

He was fostered by a member of staff so that we could make him feel at home, and see him every day for check-ups while we waited for news.

Ready with the care Curly Kale needed

Then the answers came back, confirming what we’d hoped for. This wasn’t a skeletal (bone) problem at all and with a nutritious diet and exercise to strengthen and develop his leg muscles, there would be no need for surgery.

With the right diet, check-ups, and all the workouts he needed through supervised play dates with other dogs in our care, Curly Kale walked confidently into his new forever home 45 days after first arriving at our centre. He’s now called Flynt!

The costs of caring soon add up


Cost of consultations with our vets and veterinary nurses whilst in our care.


Non-surgical procedures, x-rays and other operations.


The cost of drug treatments for Curly Kale.

Why support Woodgreen?

Ever since we first opened our doors in north London in 1924, we’ve been transforming pets’ lives – and through them, the lives of owners. From those humble beginnings we’ve grown into one of the UK’s largest pet charities.

Last year we cared for 4,269 dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and rodents in our centre. And alongside our animal care and rehoming, we helped thousands of pet owners with advice, support and training so they can give their pet everything they need

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