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Help neglected pets like Monty

Stray Monty arrived at Woodgreen in an appalling condition - his heavily matted coat encrusted with mud and faeces. Monty is just one of many strays brought to Woodgreen – help us give them a second chance.

Neglected and unloved

When neglected Monty arrived at Woodgreen, we had to free him from his restrictive cocoon of filthy mud encrusted fur. We immediately set to work with the clippers, which took the skill and care of three of our veterinary nurses to remove.

Not before too long, a very sweet-looking dog began to emerge – a three-year-old Lhasa Apso terrier with an adorable face. It was great to meet the real Monty.

Once shorn and treated for fleas, Monty was settled into our kennels and ready to embark on his road to health and rehoming. The difference made in such a short time for Monty was remarkable, but he still had a long way to go.

Monty the dog in with our vets and covered in matted mud encrusted hair

Please help transform more lives today

Our veterinary nurses removed almost one kilo of dirty matted fur from Monty – that’s equivalent to over 14% of his total body weight. Please help support more pets like Monty get the care and love they deserve.


£45 could provide for a special coat to keep a dog like Monty warm.


£8 a month could pay for a pet’s essential first vaccinations before they’re rehomed.

Building confidence

Following treatment, Monty was placed with one of our dedicated dog fosterers to help try and build his confidence. Poor Monty seemed to be frightened of everything; loud noises, car journeys, people and even going out for a walk, but with a lot of patience and plenty of reassurance his fosterer Karen gradually built up his trust and willingness to explore.

Monty the dog on a lead

A second chance for Monty

Monty needed a patient and understanding family, who’d be able to give him all the love and reassurance he needed as he continued to grow in confidence. And that’s exactly what we found in the shape of Sam and her husband Mark.

Now, several months after settling in, Sam says “Monty is doing fantastically well and has a growing number of doggy pals.”

He is a completely different dog from the scared lost soul that first came to Woodgreen. Your gifts make these transformations possible, so thank you so much for giving ‘lost souls’ like Monty a whole new lease of life.


Strays were given the love and care they desperately needed last year.


Dog walks taken every year by our rehoming staff and volunteers - that's 165 a day!


Pets taken in and cared for by our expert team in a typical year. Alongside dogs and cats, we help rehome chickens, rabbits and rodents.

Why support Woodgreen?

Ever since we first opened our doors in north London in 1924, we’ve been transforming pets’ lives – and through them, the lives of owners. From those humble beginnings we’ve grown into one of the UK’s largest pet charities and our Godmanchester base is one of the largest animal rehoming centres in Europe.

Last year we cared for 4,269 dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and rodents in our centre. And alongside our animal care and rehoming, we helped thousands of pet owners with advice, support and training so they can give their pet everything they need.

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