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Everything changed for Rex when his human dad passed away and his widow was left struggling to care for their beloved dog alone.

Rex’s owner had to make a truly selfless choice

Rex enjoyed eight blissful years with his adoring family who had him since he was a tiny pup. Tragically, everything changed when his human dad passed away. Thankfully, they had some very supportive family who could help care for the Bearded Collie for a while. However, this wouldn’t work as a long-term solution, and his owner had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome him.

Rex came into our care so we could find him a family who could dote on him in the same way his previous owners had. We were determined to find him a home where he’d continue to get all the attention and love he deserved. When he arrived, our former dog team leader, Chris, said his coat was “immaculate.” Not only that, but he was a well-mannered chap too, and everyone fell for his charming personality.

“Rex is a loveable, hairy giant. He’s an older dog but he’s definitely not a couch potato!”

Chris, former Dog team leader

The team were on hand to give him lots of attention

As you would expect, Rex was subdued when he arrived and clearly missed his family. So, to help him find his paws at Woodgreen, the team spent lots of time in his kennel, giving him plenty of fuss.

They also took him on long walks around our leafy site to help him get familiar with his new surroundings. But as we soon discovered, there was one thing that never failed to lift Rex’s spirits – playtime with toys and balls.


We all loved Rex, but Sue really fell for him!

Although Rex enjoyed his walks and playtime, he was still struggling to settle. He wasn’t a happy boy at all when he was alone. When we have pets like Rex who find it hard being away from a family home environment, we temporarily hand them into the care of one of our wonderful fosterers.

But before we’d even started speaking with one of our trusty foster families, our very own behavioural and training specialist, Sue, jumped at the chance. She’d spotted him in his kennel ‘crying,’ her heart melted, and she couldn’t resist fostering him herself.


Rex gets a second chance on The Dog House

Single mum Sarah and her children Grace and Khristopher, who has cystic fibrosis, were looking for an active dog, as exercise helps Khristopher with his breathing difficulties.

We thought lovely Rex would make a wonderful family dog, and just seconds in the Meeting Pen, it was clear our team had done it again! Khristopher and Rex hit it off straight away.

They had lots of fun with the basket of dog toys, and it was heart-warming to see Khristopher enjoying himself too. Rex’s playful woofs were a bit scary for younger sister Grace, but Khristopher quickly stepped in to show her Rex was just having fun and help her feed him some treats. Soon enough, it was all smiles again in the Meeting Pen.

Seeing how happy Rex made the children and how well-behaved he could be won Sarah over. She decided to adopt him, and she’s never looked back! We’re so pleased this lovely, easy-going boy found his forever home and BFFF (best furry friend forever) in Khristopher.

“We’re all so thankful to you for finding us Rex. He’s part of the furniture now. He's such a good boy… 95% of the time!”

Sarah, Rex's new owner

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