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This excitable Boxer Cross puppy was in search of a match who could keep up with his big puppy energy!

The bouncy Boxer Cross in search of a new home

This four-month-old Boxer Cross, Diezel, was a bundle of energy that proved quite a challenge for his owners. Training him while also caring for their older dog with skin issues became tricky, especially when Diezel started nipping at the other dog while exploring everything with his mouth.

After much thought, the owners made the difficult decision to find Diezel a new family and turned to Woodgreen for help.


A heartbreaking transition, made easier

Our team was there to support Diezel’s owners every step of the way, making the transition from home to Woodgreen as smooth as possible for both Diezel and his owners. We welcomed Diezel with all his favorite toys and reassured his owners by explaining our process for finding him the perfect new home.

"Diezel surprised everyone by literally bounding into his new kennel. He was a very bouncy boy with so much love to give, we just knew that with training, and a bit of luck, he'd meet his new family very soon."

Julia, Diezel's fosterer

One of our amazing fosterers takes on the challenge

It wasn’t just about playtime though. We wanted Diezel to find a successful match so we needed to teach him where the boundaries were. From experience, the team knew the best way to do this was to get him used to a home environment. So, we packed up his favourite toys and brought him to one of our amazing Woodgreen dog fosterers, Julia.

We worked with Julia to put together a full training plan focusing on basic commands including ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘leave it’. Diezel had plenty of chew toys so that he wouldn’t be tempted to gnaw on things he shouldn’t, like Julia’s furniture! 

Julia and her family were certainly in for a challenge with Diezel, who was growing rapidly. After a bit of an unsettled start, he soon began to relax and enjoy his time at home. After a month in foster care, Diezel had certainly grown into his paws and learned so much from Julia and her family. He was now ready for our brilliant rehoming team to leap into action.

“Diezel is such a handsome dog, really sweet, lovely and playful. It’s clear he had been looked after and his previous owner had done some good work with him. He was a confident, well- rounded little puppy.”

Shannon, Foster coordinator

The perfect match: Andy and Rob

Our team was delighted to come across Andy and Rob’s profile. The pair, self-proclaimed ‘dog dads,’ were looking for a furry companion to cherish and help GP Rob relax after intense workdays.

When Andy and Rob met Diezel, it was love at first sight. As he bombarded them with kisses, it was clear that Diezel felt the same. Although they realized the boisterous puppy would require dedicated time and effort, Andy and Rob decided to welcome Diezel into their home after much thought.


A happy ending for Bowser

Now called Bowser, the once-pudgy puppy has lost his baby fat but kept his excitable nature. Andy and Rob have no regrets about taking on such a bouncy boy, especially since Bowser helps Rob de-stress from his pressures of working in the NHS.

We’re thrilled that we could give Bowser a second chance with these amazing dog dads. It wouldn’t have been possible to rehome him so quickly without Julia, one of our community’s amazing and very patient fosterers!

“If I have a stressful day, when I get home his wiggly bum really cheers me up!”

Andy and Rob, Diezel's new owners

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