Cockapoo puppies

This litter of cockapoo puppies were born in Woodgreen's care when the breeder was struggling to cope with their parents.

When a breeder couldn’t cope with a group of five dogs, we stepped in. And then found more were on the way…

Do you remember Jim the Poodle from series two of The Dog House? He came to us with Tia and three other Cocker Spaniels. The breeder couldn’t care for them anymore, but our team was ready to give them all the support they needed.

Our veterinary team examined Tia and found that she was expecting a litter of puppies. One of our more experienced fosterers took her home to help her prepare for the new arrivals in peace.

Seventeen days later, Tia gave birth to four healthy puppies: Betsy, Buddy, Coco and Rafferty. They spent eight weeks in the home with Tia where she could feed them, before their fosterer helped wean them on to solid food.

“As well as getting Tia settled in the home and monitoring her pregnancy, I supported her during the delivery. The pups were weaned, wormed and housetrained for a smooth transition into their new homes. It’s a big responsibility fostering a pregnant dog and puppies, but it’s very rewarding and puppies are delightful to have.”

Tia's fosterer
Coco the Cockapoo

Giving them the best start in life

Once they were old enough to leave mum’s side, their fosterer started driving them to our Godmanchester centre for regular check-ups. Here, our team could make sure they were growing into healthy and happy dogs.

This lovable litter returned to our centre when they turned eight weeks old and stayed in a large kennel in our designated puppy block. This provides a warm, quiet and homely environment so that they can get some rest as well as plenty of play. From regular health checks to free-range time and lots of training, our teams worked together to give the puppies the best start in life, ready to thrive in their new homes.

“No two days are the same in our puppy block. We have dig pits, sand pits and ball pits to keep the puppies entertained and active. They get to experience new things and fun activities that help them explore in a safe space.”

AJ, dog carer

Cockapoos are naturally quite protective of personal things like beds, toys and their food. AJ says, “We made sure there were loads of toys to play with. We never took things away from them, and we tried to make everything a nice, positive experience.”  While they were busy playing, learning and socialising, our rehoming team got to work.

Puppies are a popular choice for families and single people alike. They’re incredibly cute, full of personality and very intelligent, there was no doubt this litter would create lots of interest. Our team were focusing their search on potential new owners who could continue their training and keep up with their energy as they grew.

Coco the Cockerpoo

Finding the right home for every pet

Nine-year-old Kiya had always dreamt of having a dog. She was so excited when her mum and step-dad brought her to Woodgreen to find a four-legged friend of her own. When she met three of the cockapoos, it was difficult to tell who was more excited! The pups leapt all over her and it was going to be hard for Kiya to pick only one. After lots of playtime and some cuddles, Kiya decided she wanted to take the calmer brown female of the three home, and our rehoming team were certain they were a great match.

“We love Coco a ridiculous amount. She’s a massive part of the family and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s very caring and is always there whenever one of us needs a cuddle.”
Becky, Coco’s owner

Kiya and Coco are perfect for each other, and we’re delighted we found loving owners for the other puppies too. Not only that, we even found new forever homes for parents, Jim and Tia, who definitely deserve a lifetime of love.

We'll always be there for pups like Coco and her siblings.

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