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This gorgeous Terrier was abandoned by the roadside and needed some help to regain her trust in people.

Crackerz was just a pup when she was abandoned on the side of a busy road, left to fend for herself in the cold

This sweet Patterdale Terrier Cross must have been so scared and confused, wandering lost and alone. Thankfully, a compassionate passerby spotted Crackerz and alerted Woodgreen. Our rescue team rushed to the scene and found the frightened pup trembling on the side of the road.

She looked absolutely terrified and didn’t want to step out of our van, but we eventually managed it with some gentle, patient persuasion. It must have been such a confusing and scary time for the poor girl – her whole world had been turned upside down. Given that dogs of her breed are usually so full of life, it was clear this traumatic experience had crushed her confidence.

At our centre, our experienced vets gave Crackerz a thorough check-up and determined she was healthy, though clearly traumatised.


Dog carer Tiffany and Crackerz become new best friends

Over the next few days, Tiffany made it her personal mission to comfort little Crackerz. With endless cuddles, playtime and yummy treats, the pup soon realised she was safe now.

Tiffany’s tireless dedication paid off. Crackerz blossomed from a timid waif into an affectionate, happy-go-lucky pup. Her bouncy energy and silly antics charmed everyone at Woodgreen. We all agreed this special girl deserved the very best forever home. 

“Crackerz was wonderfully nuts! I fell in love with her straight away and we formed a really strong bond. She got quite attached to me, which I think helped with regaining her trust in humans.”

Tiffany, Crackerz' carer

Giving Crackerz the training and care she needed

Although Crackerz didn’t have major behavioural issues, she needed help with recall training before rehoming. Our team worked patiently with her and she made great progress. According to Tiffany: “Towards the end, she was smashing it with her recall training!” As Crackerz became more confident, she showed us she was a typical lively Patterdale at heart.

The kennel environment proved a bit too much for her nervous state. So when one of our Woodgreen foster carers showed interest, we were delighted. Tiffany said: “Spending time with a fosterer helped Crackerz massively build her confidence.”


Meeting her potential new humans on The Dog House

The benefits of fostering, along with Tiffany’s dedicated care, helped prepare little Crackerz for the adoption process. And she didn’t have long to wait. During the filming of The Dog House Crackerz soon met Darran and his daughter Jazz, who had recently suffered the loss of his wife.

She ticked all Darran’s boxes for a companion to fill his home with joy again – the start of a brighter future for them both. After recently catching up, we’re thrilled they’re loving life together.

Today Crackerz, now called Kiko, enjoys lazy days curled up with Darran, long walks, playdates with friends and lots of belly rubs. We couldn’t be happier to see this once-abandoned pup thriving in a home overflowing with love!

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