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Lovely Lottie the four-year-old Cocker Spaniel arrived at Woodgreen in a terrible state. We suspect she came from a puppy farm where she was used for breeding.

When poor Lottie first arrived, she was thin and covered in bald patches where you could see her dry, sore skin underneath. It’s devastating to imagine the terrible conditions she must have been kept in, but that didn’t stop her tail from wagging! Our team were so surprised at how sweet and affectionate she was with everyone.

“It’s really upsetting to see dogs in such poor condition. Lottie was so sweet and trusting of us, you hate to think what she had been through.”

Sophie, Lottie’s handler

A trip to our on-site vets

Sophie’s first port of call was to take Lottie to our onsite team of Vets to treat her poorly skin. As well as a gentle medicated bath to soothe the inflammation, Lottie was also given antibiotics to clear any infection. She also needed a good diet plan to help her put on a bit of weight and give her the nutrition to encourage her fur to grow back glossy and healthy.

Like with any dog that comes to Woodgreen, our amazing team did all they could. As the days and weeks passed, her sore skin began to heal and we spent lots of time getting to know her. Understandably, Lottie was very confused over her whereabouts, but she seemed grateful to have a warm bed and be surrounded by caring people.


Settling in and feeling safe with Sophie

Lottie settled into her kennel beautifully and made lots of friends at Woodgreen. She enjoyed plenty of fuss and attention from our team and this really helped us build up her trust in people. It was clear she had a special bond with Sophie who seemed to be her favourite handler. Sophie took the time to help Lottie feel relaxed by taking everything at her own pace.

Once she was settled, Sophie guided Lottie through a few assessments to see how she interacted with other people and dogs. This helped us find out if she needed any training or support with her behaviour so that we could help find the right home to fit her needs.

“The biggest change in Lottie was in her skin and coat, looking at her from day one, you wouldn’t recognise her as the same dog. She definitely stole our hearts while she was with us.”

Sophie, Lottie’s handler

Our fosterers help Lottie get used to home life

To help Lottie prepare for a new home, she went to stay with one of our dedicated fosterers. Here she was able to get used to all the different sights and sounds of a home, including the washing machine, passing cars and the hoover. She also enjoyed the company of her fosterers all day long for as much fuss as she wanted.

By the time she returned to Woodgreen, Lottie had grown into a healthy dog and she was ready for a fresh start.

Finding her best friend on The Dog House

All we wanted for Lottie was to find her a home where she would be truly loved. On The Dog House, Lottie found her perfect match with animal lover Raksha, who was joined by her supportive brother, Ash.

Raksha was looking for the dog of her dreams, a furry friend she could love and help her live life to the fullest. After stepping down from a high-pressured job and dealing with some serious medical issues, she was ready to dedicate all her time to a canine companion and give them the best life.

It’s a match!

Raksha was utterly heartbroken to hear Lottie’s story and wanted to meet her straight away. In the meeting pen, Lottie immediately went over to say hello to Raksha and Ash. Her entire body wiggled with excitement as she sniffed around the pen and enjoyed lots of fuss from Ash. Soon enough it was Raksha’s turn for some cuddles with Lottie and the rest is history.

After finding her forever home with besotted Raksha, we couldn’t wait to hear how the two of them were getting on, and in a recent update Raksha gave us an update on how she and her new best friend are doing.

“Lottie means the world to me and I cannot put into words how much I love her. She’s got the perfect balance of being energetic, playful and snuggly. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t make me laugh – the best thing by far is her adorable bum wiggle when she's excited. She's such a sassy, smart and funny dog and I'm proud to be her human fur mamma!”

Raksha, Lottie’s owner

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