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Bluebell the lurcher cross sitting down with a toy

Meet Bluebell

After being found abandoned, we placed Bluebell with a foster carer. This gave her the extra love and comfort she needed while we looked for her forever home.

Help more dogs like Bluebell find loving homes

Thousands of pets come to Woodgreen every year all in need of love, support and a new forever home. We rely on your donations to keep our doors open.

Bluebell a lurcher Terrier Cross puppy, who appeared on The Dog House, Series 1 Episode 7 had a tough start in life. She was abandoned at one of our Woodgreen charity shops in Cambridge. A staff member went and collected her. Bluebell went straight on foster with the staff member.

She was in really good condition, but she was very young. The vet confirmed she was only six weeks old, so it was clear she’d been taken from her mum a little bit too early. Bluebell was given to a man in a homeless shelter, but unfortunately he couldn’t look after her financially, and he lost her. The man found out that she’d been brought into Woodgreen and he decided it was best for us to take her and get her rehomed.

We noticed Bluebell had some issues being left alone, she was nervous and very unsettled. We worked on puppy socialisation and puppy training, introducing new sights, new smells and new things.

“She is living the absolute life. She’s been pampered, spoilt rotten and just living a perfect life that a dog should be living.” 


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