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Meet Bobo and Lenny

Bobo and Lenny, these Jack Russell puppies came from an accidental litter. The owner and her husband, who has dementia, struggled to cope with the new friends in their lives. So they decided to rehome them, ensuring they got the best start in life.

Help more dogs like Bobo and Lenny find loving homes

Thousands of pets come to Woodgreen every year all in need of love, support and a new forever home. We rely on your donations to keep our doors open.

Unfortunately Bobbo and Lenny who appeared on The Dog House, Series 1 Episode 5, were part of an accidental litter. They were then advertised in a shop window, so Woodgreen got in contact, because they were advertised for free. The owners got back in touch with us, they had only had two left of the litter, so they brought them into us to be rehomed.

Their wellbeing was fine when they arrived. They were happy and healthy. While they were here, they had a bit of an upset tummy, which we treated here.

The biggest challenge was getting them their independence. We don’t rehome litter mates together, especially at their young age.

”We rehomed them separately to two lovely families. And they are doing really well and having fun”   

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