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Meet Bruce

This sprightly Bichon Frise lived in a busy household where, sadly, his owners found it increasingly difficult to find time for him.

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The bouncy young chap loves getting out and exploring so, as you can imagine, he needed a lot of attention – something that his owners weren’t able to give him. So they made the decision to rehome him.

Bruce was really worried when he first came in. He used to live with another dog, he was used to a busy house with lots of kids, lots of people. When he came to Woodgreen he was completely on his own. He was laying in his bed, not really eating, quite miserable.

Bruce went to live with a woman who had recently lost her husband. So she was very lonely and didn’t have much of a routine. She really wanted a reason to get up, get him out for walks and things. He’s going to love that, because he wants to be a little prince! We’re delighted to have found him a new home, where he’s getting on with his new owner like a dream!

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