Meet Gendry

Gendry was part of a German Shepherd litter. After the mum rejected them within a couple of hours of being born they were brought to Wood Green to hand rear.

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Gendry and his nine siblings arrived at Wood Green as the family realised just how much work was going to be involved in hand rearing ten German Shepherd puppies.  Gendry and his nine siblings were far too much work for their owner and, sadly, rejected by their mother. So they were given to us to hand rear – and find them a new home. But first, several of the puppies including Gendry needed some urgent dental treatment. 

“We operated on them on site. One of the vets bravely did them all in one day. They all went really, really smoothly.” 

He was one of the more forward ones of the litter. He was definitely the biggest by size. He was quite happy to rough and tumble with his brothers and sisters. He was also mischievous. You’d find him in the corner pulling up some weed that he shouldn’t have found. He definitely had a big personality. Quite cuddly when he wanted to be! 


Hand rearing a litter of puppies