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collie dog laying on the floor having belly rubbed

Meet Kimmie

Kimmie arrived at Woodgreen completely traumatised and shut down after being found homeless in Ireland. Eli, one of our Dog Team soon realised she had potential in the company of other dogs, and that really helped her to build her confidence.

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Kimmie, who appeared on The Dog Show, Series 1 Episode 4, is a sweet young lady who came from another dog rescue shelter. She arrived at Woodgreen in an extremely anxious state.  Like many others who share her story, she’s a bit sensitive and it takes time to gain her trust.


“Socialising her with confident dogs brought the confidence out of her.” 


Kimmie was completely shut down, traumatised. She dropped to the floor whenever you went over to her. She spent most of her time in bed. She came over with a dog called Joey, so we put them together. She needed a lot of socialisation with people and other dogs. The best thing for her was being around other dogs. That really helped her. It built up her confidence. On walks she was petrified. If a car went past she’d be in the nearest bush. She had no behavioural issues, she was just worried.

Kimmie suffered extreme confidence issues

The biggest change we saw in her was how much she grew in confidence. On walks we would try and get as many dogs out with her at once, so she was surrounded by friends. Socialising her with confident dogs brought the confidence out of her. We did a lot of crate training with her. For such a nervous dog like her it’s good to have a safe space. She just grew in confidence and built relationships – by the time she was rehomed she’d be straight on your lap and wanted a fuss. 


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