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Terrier looking straight at the camera, tail wagging

Meet Tiny

Tiny first came to The Dog House and Woodgreen when his previous owner moved into a nursing home. Arriving on-site in an anxious state, Tiny was very nervous around any people he didn't recognise. It was clear early on that we needed to keep his world small - just like him! - while he settled in.

Chris, one of our dog team, helped Tiny get used to his new world: "It took a few days for him to come out of his shell and make friends with people, but when he did you saw a very different side to him!"

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The biggest things Tiny needed was time and space. So we walked him at quieter times in the day so he didn’t get scared by all the people moving around Woodgreen, and kept new people and things to a minimum as he got used to Chris and the team.

 “With dogs like Tiny, you’ve got to take your time with them, be patient, take things at their pace, find out what they like – which in Tiny’s case was tennis balls!

Chris found that he could help Tiny bond with new people by playing with a tennis ball or two outside his pen. Slowly he’d remember he liked chasing the balls, come out to see who was playing, and feel safe once he saw Chris.

Tiny the terrier outside on the grass with one of the Woodgreen dog team

Once Chris and the team were happy that Tiny was ready, we lined up a meeting with his potential new owners – a lovely couple called Heather and Elliot on The Dog House Series 1 Episode 1. You never quite know if a spark will be there during these introductions, but fortunately, it was! They were the perfect match and a beautiful friendship was born.

Tiny was soon rehomed and is now called Obi – the force is definitely strong in this lively one! We were all thrilled the couple decided to welcome Tiny into their lives, none more so than Chris!

“I really liked how patient they were with him, and how they seemed to understand and be in sync with Tiny really quickly. I left a timid dog with them and after a walk, he was sitting on their laps!”

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