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Staffie-cross Nancy


This gorgeous 18-month staffie-cross was brought to Woodgreen when her owner came to a difficult decision.

Saying goodbye is a tough decision to make

Meet Nancy, a beautiful 18-month-old staffie cross who came to Woodgreen because her owner was ill and couldn’t look after her. It’s an incredibly tough decision to make, but she decided to do what she thought was best for Nancy.

“Saying goodbye to someone who is basically a family member takes a lot of courage. I have a lot of respect for someone that can make that decision for the dogs’ sake and not thinking about themselves.” – Chris, Dog Carer

Nancy loved to be around people but had never been comfortable with other dogs. She struggled to settle in our kennels at first, especially when other dogs were barking to say hello.

It was important for Nancy to experience new sights and sounds regularly to keep her stimulated . To do this, the team took her on plenty of walks around the beautiful grounds and played tug of war with her. She even got to sit with staff in the comfort of the office. This daily fix of human fuss and attention was just what she needed.

But, our team really needed to tackle Nancy’s tricky behaviour around other dogs before she would be ready to go to a new home. The aim was to build her confidence and teach her that other dogs are not a threat to her.

"Nancy isn't aggressive, she just panics. Some dogs may not have been exposed to everything they need as a puppy, including other people, environments, smells and sounds. This can make things a little scary for them."

Emma, Nancy's handler

When Nancy was scared of other dogs, she would bark at them and pull on the lead. We used lots of treats to help her focus on her handler and to reward her when she didn’t react to other dogs. This helped her relax and enjoy worry-free walks.

Nancy came to Woodgreen when her owner could no longer take care of her

Practice makes perfect

Once Nancy had started getting to grips with her training, it was time to put it into practice. She spent two weeks in Carol’s home, one of our amazing fosterers.

Nancy was able to relax more in an extra comfortable environment while receiving one-to-one support. Spending time in a home was vital for Nancy’s rehabilitation and training. She also got to experience interactions outside of Woodgreen, like meeting cyclists, horses and cars.

“Even in the short time we had her, she seemed to mellow out. Around the house, she was the loveliest dog you could wish for. She liked nothing more than lying on the floor having her tummy tickled.”

Carol, Nancy’s fosterer
Nancy, Star of The Dog House

Revealing her true potential

Nancy’s training went from strength to strength and she was more confident and playful. It was time for this little social butterfly to return to Woodgreen. Before long, we found her a potential match on The Dog House. The team were looking for active owners who could help keep her mind and body active while giving her lots of love. Nancy needed experienced owners who were willing to support her with her training.

We were excited to introduce Nancy to the Friend family, who were looking for the latest member of their home menagerie, a dog to keep them on their toes. We knew Nancy would show off her best side and sure enough, she revealed her excitable, playful personality to the family.

Sadly though, they weren’t the right match for young Nancy, but the search didn’t stop there. We continued to look for someone who could dedicate their time to Nancy. It wasn’t long before we found her a loving new home in a quiet area with no unwanted distractions. Her new owner, Jane, reached out to let us know that Nancy has become a much-loved member of the family.

“Nancy’s training is improving with time and patience. She has access to a three-acre field to run around and enjoy lots of smells. I’m so glad we have her. She’s intelligent, pretty and loved by all.”

Jane, Nancy’s owner
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