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Lost and alone, poor Tinkerbell was found wandering in someone's garden. This scared little Dachshund was in desperate need of care when she arrived at Woodgreen.

We didn’t know where she came from but we knew she needed lots of love

When Tinkerbell arrived as a stray she seemed so worried and withdrawn – our hearts really went out to her. But our wonderful Dogs team could see glimpses of Tinkerbell’s affectionate nature behind the fear. We were just going to need to work hard to make her feel safe and cared for!

With an origin in Romania according to her microchip, Tinkerbell’s history was a mystery. But it was clear this pup had been through the wringer. She was underweight with patchy fur and itchy skin from allergies. Timid Tinkerbell seemed so worried and withdrawn.

We quickly booked Tinkerbell in to see one of our onsite vets. They got to work straightaway with health assessments and a plan to help her feel her very best. It took lots of time and gentle care, but eventually, poor Tinkerbell’s sore skin began to heal, and we started to see more of the playful pup’s personality shine through.

It’s unusual to have such little information on a dog’s past, so our dedicated Vet team made sure to see Tinkerbell regularly for check-ups and tests. We paid special attention to her diet as it soon became clear that the adorable Dachshund had a food allergy. No wonder she was feeling so uncomfortable and sad!

Gradually Tinkerbell started coming out of her shell. Tail wagging returned as she discovered playtime and exploring on walks. Seeing her finally relax gave us so much joy.

Our experienced team built on her new confidence by making her mealtimes really fun and interesting with feeding toys and licky mats. We also spent quality time gaining her trust by sitting with her in her kennel and chatting away. It was so lovely to see her hop onto our laps for a snuggle.


Tinkerbell’s fostering journey

Because little Tinkerbell just adores one-to-one attention, a caring team member took her home to foster after work each day. This was also a great chance for us to see if she would need any help adapting to home life before being adopted.

Resilient Tinkerbell did fantastically in her foster home! The home setting gave her the comfort and safety she needed to bring out her loving and funny personality.

“Tinkerbell first came in feeling shy, withdrawn and worried about everything. She left as a confident, outgoing, really sociable, friendly, happy little girl. We’re proud of the journey that we took Tinkerbell on.”

Sue, dog behaviourist

Would she meet her new family in The Dog House Meeting Pen?

It was a big day for everyone when Tinkerbell met with potential adopters Yvonne and Graeme. However, it was four-year-old Dachshund, Baxter, whom she needed to impress! Baxter seemed to love company just as much as sociable Tinkerbell, so we all had our fingers (and paws!) crossed in the hope of a wonderful new friendship.

As always, Tinkerbell was on her absolute best behaviour, even when Baxter started to be a bit vocal. She was so respectful and good at reading his body language! After a great first meeting, it was clear that Tinkerbell was the missing piece of Yvonne and Graeme’s family.

Tinkerbell, now called Bella, found a loving home with Yvonne, Graeme and their Dachshund Baxter. Despite a rocky start, Baxter warmed up to his new sister. Now Bella spends her days curled up with her family, getting belly rubs and enjoying the good life she deserves!

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