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Lola and Bailey

Adorable six-month-old Yorkshire Terrier puppies Lola and Bailey had their world flipped upside down after their owner's marriage broke down.

Our experienced team helped Lola and Bailey’s owners make the best decision for their pets

These beautiful sisters had been well looked after, but they couldn’t stay in the home anymore. Their previous owners were heartbroken to give them up, but wanted to give them the best chance to find them a loving new home together.

When they arrived at Woodgreen, it was clear they were a little nervous, so we kept them together to keep them happy and calm. We prepared their kennel, making it comfortable and warm with duvets and fun toys for them to play with. They had lots of attention and head scratches and all this fuss helped them settle into their new temporary home. Sophie, their handler, has seen lots of pets handed in due to a relationship breakdown and knows how tough it can be on both the person and their pets.

“It can definitely take a toll on them emotionally. But we help put them back together when they arrive. Lola and Bailey are typical little Yorkies, they have a sensitive side and want lots of support from their people. If they are feeling unsure, they’ll come to you for reassurance and some fuss.”

Sophie, Lola and Bailey’s handler

Settling in at Woodgreen

Once this lovable duo had settled in, we knew we needed to keep them together. Lola was the confident leader, followed by a quiet Bailey but they loved doing everything together. We took them out of their kennel for plenty of walks and playtime to help with their development.

Sophie in particular spent a lot of time teaching them to learn their names as well as some basic commands. Every time they got it right, they got a treat! This was time really well spent as the more training they knew, the fewer teething problems they would need to overcome when they found their new family.

Could we find a home for Lola and Bailey on The Dog House?

We wanted Lola and Bailey to go to a home where they could stay together and soak up all the love and attention a new family could give. To our delight, along came Michelle Foreman and her two children, Lauren and Jack. They longed for a canine companion to bring some joy to their family during a very difficult time. After an unsuccessful match with little Harry, Sue wondered whether Lola and Bailey could win them over.

They sat with nervous anticipation in The Meeting Pen and were so excited when they saw little Lola trot in followed by Bailey. This was a surprise that made their day! In no time at all, the girls were rolling over for fuss and made an instant connection with the family.

A new home and a wonderful family

Lola and Bailey, now called Stevie and Sadie, bring so much love to their new family. We’re so pleased our amazing matching team found them such a perfect fit and kept them together.

Two puppies were a lot to take on but our experienced Dogs team were on hand with advice to help get these two new members of the family settle in.

“Stevie and Sadie bring us a whirlwind of joy, laughter and so many kisses and cuddles. They are the glue that holds our family together and we love them to pieces. They’ve changed our lives completely and done so much more for us than they’ll ever know.”

Michelle, Lauren and Jack, Lola and Bailey's new owners

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