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Lurcher-Saluki Sky arrived at Woodgreen after escaping from her owner’s home and being hit by a car. She broke her leg badly, and her owners couldn’t afford to pay for her treatment and ongoing care.

Poor Sky was very timid at first. It was heartbreaking to see her going through so much. But our Vet team was prepped and ready to do everything they could to save her broken leg. A serious break can result in dogs like Sky losing their leg. The team quickly made her as comfortable as possible while they did an assessment to see where the break was and what treatment she would need.


Saving Sky’s leg

Our experienced vets could see that Sky would need surgery on one of her front legs as soon as possible. Operations like this can be lengthy and complex and the team ended up having to insert metal plates into her leg to support her as she healed. The operation was a great success and the team got to work on her post-operation care plan.

We made sure Sky got the specialist care she needed, the right pain relief, regular nurse visits, and lots of rest in our dedicated ward. It was truly wonderful to watch her start to feel better. Her playful personality shone through and melted the hearts of the whole team.

Even with her healing leg, brave Sky wanted to greet our Woodgreen team in her special way, trying to delicately stand on her back legs for a cuddle. But we helped her to stay down and rest by giving her lots of strokes and treats.


Recovering in a home setting

When Sky was ready, we found loving fosterers who could watch over her and follow our vet’s care plan as she rested and recuperated. It wasn’t always an easy task! Recovering from surgery can be very boring when you’re full of energy, and playful Sky wanted to be up and about exploring.

Luckily, her fosterers helped keep her busy with lots of play, attention, and love – just what she needed as she mended and adapted to all the changes she was going through.


Finding a perfect match on The Dog House

Once Sky was happily back on all four paws, we started looking for a new owner who would love her as much as we did and who could give her the time and affection she needed.

Then, the big moment came during the filming of The Dog House as handler Shannon took her to The Meeting Pen for an exciting potential match.

Her friendly and playful personality shone when she met the Morley family. Though initially nervous without handler Shannon by her side, Sky soon won them over with toy play and affection. She even extended a gentle paw to hesitant daughter Holly.

Thoroughly charmed, the Morleys decided to welcome Sky, newly renamed Indie, into their home and found a missing part of their family. We are overjoyed that Indie found a loving family after the extensive care she needed to heal.

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