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Dachshund-cross Clarence was brought in because his owners weren’t able to keep him anymore. As a very energetic and playful dog, he was becoming too much to handle, especially for two senior dogs in the home.

Kept in a breeder’s shed because they couldn’t sell him.

For the first six months of Clarence’s life, he had lived in a breeder’s shed, the last puppy left among his siblings. Before his owners came along, the breeder couldn’t sell him because Clarence was born blind in one eye. His owners were delighted to welcome him into their home, but sadly things didn’t work out as they’d hoped.

Clarence was very unhappy when he first arrived at Woodgreen. He didn’t know how to cope with lots of new dogs around him and spent most of the time in his bed. Our team kept him busy with activities such as agility, which became one of Clarence’s favourite things to do, giving him something to focus on.


“Many of the dogs in our care come from loving homes where their humans want nothing but the best for them. Sometimes this isn’t possible and owners have to make the difficult decision to bring them to Woodgreen. “

How we helped

Clarence needed a lot of support to understand how to act with other dogs. As he hadn’t spent a lot of time on a lead, he became frustrated when he couldn’t play with other dogs and could lunge, bark or growl in frustration. The team trained Clarence to wear a muzzle, which really helped him on a lead, and also acted as positive reinforcement. Whenever he saw the muzzle, he knew it was time for a walk!

Clarence has been blind in one eye for a long time, but our team noticed his eye kept flaring up and appeared cloudy and swollen at times. As concerns began to grow about his wellbeing, he was booked in for an urgent procedure where our veterinary team removed his eye to prevent the risk of any infections in the future.

Helping Clarence get back to his happy, playful self

To help him recover from his operation, we placed him in the care of a Woodgreen fosterer who was able to continue his training, while giving him plenty of support and affection one-on-one. Clarence recovered quickly from his operation and came to life living in a home with his fosterer. He was able to grow his confidence without the distraction of other dogs around him, revealing an intelligent, playful dog who loved tricks and enrichment activities, such as puzzles and find-it games.

Clarence’s Dog House debut

Clarence hit it off with childhood sweethearts, Holly and Dom, on The Dog House. However, after taking him home, Clarence struggled to settle and started displaying behavioural issues. With a heavy heart, they decided it was in Clarence’s best interests to bring him back to Woodgreen. However, all was not lost…

Clarence in his new home

A new home just in time for Christmas

After more than 200 days in our care including extensive training and a stay with a fosterer, Clarence was ready to leave us for a home where he could enjoy an active life with patient owners willing to dedicate time towards his ongoing training needs. And although he didn’t find a match on The Dog House, we were delighted to find him a new home just in time for Christmas. He’s living in a rural location where his family enjoy taking him on quiet walks in the crisp countryside.

“Since Clarence has joined our family, he has been an absolute joy. He is such a character who loves to play with his rugby ball – It’s almost as big as him! We couldn’t imagine life without him.”

We're always here for homeless pets like Clarence. Can you help us care for them?

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