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Getting pets back on their paws

How Woodgreen turns homeless pets' lives around

Many of the pets who arrive at Woodgreen’s gates have been abandoned and neglected, leaving them with serious medical conditions and complex behavioural issues. Others simply need a new home because their owners can’t keep them any longer.

Whatever the reason for a pet coming to us, we don’t turn them away. And we never judge anyone for giving up their pet or turning to us for support. Our priority is to help every animal and provide the care and rehabilitation they need – and a second chance at happiness.

Woodgreen veterinary team examining a cat in Surgery

What happens when a pet arrives at Woodgreen

When any animal is brought into our care, our top priority is their health. We give them a thorough check and treatment for any medical issues or injuries. For some, this could mean urgent, life-saving surgery.

And this is just the start of their journey. From nurses and vets to behavioural specialists and animal care staff, we have the expertise to give each pet the very best support, physically and emotionally.

Specialist care, every step of the way

Some of the animals we care for arrive with us very anxious or scared, or with other behavioural needs. This is where our behavioural and training specialists step in, alongside our most experienced animal carers and handlers, to see how we can help each pet get back on their paws.

Our dedicated teams work together to map out an individual plan for every pet’s care. This can include shelter, medical treatment, behavioural therapy and fostering, all to get each pet to our ultimate goal of a new home.

Whilst we don’t want to keep animals at our centre any longer than necessary, we always make sure they are ready before we start to rehome them. And beyond life at Woodgreen, we are here to support pet owners with any advice they need too.

Harry sitting in his pen after arrival

How we helped Harry

Harry was brought to Woodgreen on a bitterly cold December day after being found abandoned in a heart-breaking condition. Harry’s leg was broken and causing lots of pain. His skin was sore from infection and scabby from scratching. And he was shivering, as his fur was all but gone. Judging from his condition, he had probably been on his own for weeks.

The difference we make each year


Pet-related queries answered


Pets brought into our care


Veterinary procedures performed

Our services that help pets and owners

Woodgreen’s centre is based in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, with accommodation for 72 dogs, 123 cats, and over 200 small animals, as well as our state-of-the-art veterinary surgery, exercise and training spaces, and even offices and rooms converted into ‘homes’ to help strays and nervous pets get ready to meet their new owners!

This year our new Snowden Cat Care Centre ensures we can continue to meet demand for years to come. Beyond our Godmanchester centre, our Pet Collection service covers Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and North London.

How we find the perfect owner

Once a pet is ready for their next home, our rehoming team is ready to look for the right owner. And because many of the dogs in our care have been through much more than your average pet, we’re looking for more than your pet average owner.

Staffordshire Terrier Suzy on foster, relaxing in her temporary home


We have a passionate team of over 200 volunteer fosterers on hand to give temporary homes to our pets. For animals who are especially vulnerable or struggle with life at our centre, this extra comfort and undivided attention can do the world of good.

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