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Puppy Kevin being held by his new owners


French bulldog puppy Kevin arrived at Woodgreen in an extremely vulnerable condition – tiny, frail, underweight and struggling with his balance. But with time, care and some extra veterinary help, he bounced back. And that paved the way for Kevin to find a new home on The Dog House.

“Picking him up was terrifying. He’d fit in the palm of your hand.”

When Kevin’s health began to decline, his owner – a breeder – gave him up to a local vet, who contacted us for support. We agreed to help right away to continue Kevin’s treatment and then find him a new home. But there were some serious health issues to overcome first.

Kevin the bulldog puppy after arriving at Woodgreen

When Kevin came to Woodgreen, he was still quite poorly. Lacking any energy at all, he could barely lift his head up. Kevin was syringe fed to provide him with the nutrition he needed, injected with fluids to improve his hydration levels, and treated with a special cream for skin lesions.

It was clear that he would need round-the-clock care to get him back on his paws. So one of our veterinary nurses, Lucy, who had taken a shine to Kevin, offered to foster him.

“Once he started to get stronger and gained weight, Kevin was a different puppy –  very playful and ready for cuddles!”

Kevin benefited from Lucy’s undivided attention for 12 days, as she carried on providing the intensive treatment he’d been receiving at our centre. Thankfully, he responded very well!

Before long, Kevin was ready to start his search for a new owner, and was rehomed with Katie on The Dog House Series 2 Episode 1 – but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. When Kevin came back to the centre for further check-ups and more investigations, he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. After a course of antibiotics, he was finally on the road to recovery.

A second chance at a forever home

Today, Kevin is healthy, happy, and thriving in his new home with owners Katie and Ryan. And our team continues to support them with any advice they need. It’s safe to say they’re overjoyed:

He loves toys and playtime, he’s the greediest little piglet, and loves meeting other dogs. He is the most affectionate, funny, well-mannered dog – he’s changed our lives for the better!”

Kevin the bulldog puppy with new owner Katie

Help us find more pets like Kevin their forever home

More and more very vulnerable animals are arriving at Woodgreen - like Kevin, whose round-the-clock care and hourly feeds made sure he could recover enough to go on to enjoy his new forever home. Your donations mean we can help more just like Kevin.

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