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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay provides pet advice and one-to-one behavioural support and training classes. Lindsay works closely with pet owners to help them live happy and fulfilling lives with their pets.

Lindsay joined Woodgreen five years ago when she started working in the kennels with the dogs, feeding them, walking them and doing their training to help them prepare to go to new homes. She then moved to the Behaviour and Training Specialists Team where she works with dog owners providing advice and support.


“I joined the team because I wanted to share the knowledge I have to support others and help keep pets in the home. We offer training classes for dogs, puppies and adults including tricks and agility.”


Alongside weekly training classes, Lindsay is also on the phones, speaking to dog owners who are seeking advice. “We might be dealing with problems like resource guarding (showing aggression when protecting their possessions), dog-to-dog reactivity, for example if a dog is barking and lunging on the lead we will help with that. We’ll also help people settle new puppies in the home.”

“If we can support people who are thinking of giving up their pet by offering advice and training, this might solve their problems and that’s a big win for me.”

Keeping pets in the home

One of the most important parts of Lindsay’s role is supporting pets and people so that they can maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship.

It’s not always plain sailing though, Lindsay sometimes has difficult conversations with pet owners. “Some pets may need in-depth training and behaviour modification, so having conversations with the owner about whether they can physically do it can be a challenge. It’s difficult for any owner when they realise the relationship with their pet has broken down and they might not be able to care for them anymore.”

Pets are part of the furniture

Lindsay and the team deal with a number of pet related issues and because of this, she’s learnt many things about pet ownership. “I think it’s a privilege to own a pet and I think that’s always one of the main messages I try to get across. When you take a pet home, they become part of the family, so it’s important they’re cared for and have everything they need to keep happy.”

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