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This sweet lurcher was no stranger to Woodgreen - unfortunately, she couldn't stay with her first match and came back to us to look again for her new home during The Dog House.

Dealing with a teenage pup

Poppy thought she had found her forever home but she was, unfortunately, but understandably, brought back to Woodgreen. This sweet, young lurcher cross came in as a stray the first time, and she was very sad to return. But she soon found her mojo – and a second chance at happiness.

Poppy was handed into our care again because, sadly, her new owner couldn’t look after her anymore. As a teenager, this was a testing time for both Poppy and her family. Dogs going through this stage of life can often get distracted and find it challenging to cope with new things. Although this is only a temporary phase, adolescent dogs require lots of time and patience.

With the arrival of a new baby in the home, this was all too much for Poppy. This can be an uncertain time, especially for a teenage dog. They often find crying, screaming or arm waving stressful and there are also potential hazards, including high chairs and baby toys. With all these factors in mind, Poppy’s owner made the very difficult decision to bring her to Woodgreen, entrusting us to continue to help Poppy on her search for a new home.

Emotionally shut down

Although she was no stranger to Woodgreen, Poppy was shut down on arrival – she did not want to engage with anyone at all. It took her time to remember the friends she made the first time around, including her main carer, Natalie. Gradually, she opened up and began to trust people again. “The more time I spent with her, the happier she became. Eventually, she was the dog I knew before, happy, bouncy and pleased to see me.”

Despite this progress, it was clear that Poppy was still quite nervous, and she became quite stressed in her kennel. To help build her confidence, we placed her in the care of Kathryn, a dedicated Woodgreen fosterer. In her home, Poppy enjoyed some extra love and attention.

Poppy really benefited from her time in a home environment as that’s where she felt most comfortable. Her fosterer took her out for plenty of walks where she could meet new people and experience different sights and sounds. This gave her the boost she needed to become a happy, bouncy lurcher again.

“I feel like I've won the dog lottery.”


Finding her happily ever after

Before long, Poppy was ready to return to Woodgreen and meet her match on The Dog House, Series 2 Episode 7. CofE Vicar, Miles, was looking for a canine companion who could bring him some comfort and joy. He had been feeling lonely in an empty house all to himself, Miles was looking for a friend to talk to and bring a little bit of silliness to his life, then along came Poppy, the perfect match.

Today, Poppy is thriving in her new home, and we’re delighted to hear she’s become a much-loved member of the congregation!

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