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Norman, an elderly West Highland terrier, was brought to Woodgreen after being found alone barely able to stand, with extremely matted fur. After some much-needed grooming, love and care, he blossomed into a confident canine.

Found alone, scared and vulnerable

When Norman arrived at Woodgreen, he could barely stand on his hind legs, causing him to collapse at times. Our veterinary team carried out an examination and, thankfully, found that there was no problem with his legs. It was actually the matted fur causing him so much discomfort. Our experienced team sprang into action to help Norman with clipping his coat and removing all the dirty matted hair as well as grooming him.

Helping Norman get set for a brighter future

Despite the condition of his coat and the heartbreak he may have experienced, Norman was a sprightly older man at eight years old. Our team of dog carers suspected he had a cheeky, playful side that was yet to be revealed. They were determined to do everything they could to bring him out of his shell and feel his best.

Norman was assessed to determine his personality, likes, dislikes and the type of training he required. His assessment showed that he loved playing and was comfortable saying hello, the team also learned that he wasn’t toilet trained and needed to acquire some basic house manners. To help with this, Norman was often taken outside where he could sniff around and this encouraged good toilet habits. One of his main carers, Nicole, helped him get ready for his new home. This involved introducing a routine, seeing how he reacted with other dogs, and keeping him mentally stimulated with lots of toys to play with.

“Seeing Norman change from this matted older dog who was really uncomfortable, to a playful terrier who was so young at heart was remarkable.”

Norman was seeking a peaceful retirement home with patient, gentle owners who could play with him and take him on short walks – his two favourite things. Along came Lorraine and her son, Oliver who were the perfect match – as seen on the The Dog House, Series 2 Episode 6.

“Norman has settled in so well, it feels like he’s been here forever. He loves his morning walks along the beach with his best buddy, Oliver just as much as he enjoys tummy rubs on the sofa.”

We're always here for homeless pets like Norman. Can you help us care for them?

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