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Five-year-old Bizzy’s owners were struggling to give the lively Spaniel the time she needed alongside their six children. After speaking with Woodgreen they decided to rehome and give her a fresh start.

Bizzy was very nervous when she arrived at Woodgreen, and our hearts really went out to her. Things were very different from the home she had known. As a Cocker Spaniel, Bizzy has bundles of energy and she was used to lots of company. The change to a quieter routine mixed with the new sights, smells, and sounds of kennels seemed to worry her.


Supporting busy Bizzy

Despite her nervousness around being in such an unfamiliar place, she was so friendly and often enjoyed climbing onto her carers’ laps for a snuggle and a fuss. We also saw just how energetic she was, always looking for the next activity!

Thankfully our team knew how to help Bizzy put her boundless energy to good use. The Dog team regularly took her out to play games in the Woodgreen gardens to meet and have fun with some of our other dogs.

When she wasn’t out and about, our caring team made mealtimes exciting with fun puzzle feeders and food-dispensing toys. They were a big hit, helping keep her happy and mentally stimulated.

“I just loved bumping into Bizzy when she was out being walked because she always had a smile on her face, and she was always happy to greet you.”

– Sue, dog behaviourist

Finding a fosterer

Our team could see that being around the comforts, sounds and smells of a home would help Bizzy feel calm and relaxed. So, they got to work finding a foster home where she could settle and wait for her forever home.

Once we found the right foster match for her, adorable Bizzy really came into her own. Kind fosterer Elizabeth took Bizzy on her favourite long, countryside walks and worked hard to help the energetic pooch to focus by learning ‘sit’ and ‘paw’.

At first, Bizzy was on the move too much to concentrate on the tasks. But with lots of patience and practice, Elizabeth saw Bizzy begin to slow down and concentrate – even starting to take a few breathers on the sofa too!

“She started to settle for longer periods to rest and have a cuddle. To start with, she was on the go all the time, but gradually she calmed down.”

– Elizabeth, Bizzy’s fosterer

Bizzy meets Barrie on The Dog House

We really wanted to find a home that was just right for loving, energetic Bizzy. She needed owners who understood how lively she is and could give her plenty of attention and training. So, when experienced dog owner Barrie came in looking for a little canine companion to spend time with, we took Bizzy over to the Meeting Pen with all our fingers crossed for a wonderful match.

True to her name, Bizzy took a while to settle. The pen seemed far more interesting than the people inside! She started sniffing, running, and speedily exploring every inch, hardly seeming to notice Barrie or his sister, Carol. But Barrie knew just how to win her over! With some little treats, he got her attention and soon fell head over heels, asking her “Would you like to come home with me?”.

Bizzy’s settled in well and the pair have since been travelling around on exciting adventures in Barrie’s campervan. What a great match for the utterly charming Cocker Spaniel. We’re delighted for them both!

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