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Stray Lhasa Apso cross Tiddles was found lying in a field, alone and scared.

Stray, alone and abandoned

Poor Tiddles was exhausted and needed lots of care from our dedicated team to win back her trust in people. A local dog warden rescued her and brought her to Woodgreen where she could get the urgent care she needed.

It must have been especially frightening for Tiddles, as she could hardly see through the matted fur that covered her entire face. We took her straight to our veterinary team for a full check-up, to make sure she wasn’t injured or in pain.

Our team suspected she was an elderly dog, possibly 12 years old. Her back legs were sore and she had a funny hop when walking, but she didn’t appear to have any grazes. We gave her some much-needed fuss while we got to work on her flea-infested coat. Much of her matted fur had to be clipped away layer by layer. Next, we gave her a soothing medicated bath for her sore skin.

You could see the instant relief for Tiddles when she was finally free of her overgrown coat and could walk comfortably.

"After the nurses had cut away her matted hair she looked completely different, much younger and happier."

Sophie, Dogs team carer

Help us rescue more stray pets today

We’ve seen a 63% increase in strays being brought to Woodgreen since last year. But our expert team are on hand to help them recover, repair and rediscover their faith in people. We’re also busy working with struggling pets owners in the community to make sure a tough time doesn’t turn into another abandoned pet.

Tiddles had lost faith in people

After applying some flea treatment and giving her worming tablets, Sophie walked Tiddles to our kennels. Here she was able to have a good meal and a well-earned rest.

It took several days for Tiddles to settle and realise that she was in a safe place, but once she did, we started to see her personality shine through.

We found out that she had some trust issues which wasn’t surprising. Sadly, Tiddles had been passed onto three different homes in less than a year. And the most recent owner on her microchip wasn’t able to take her back.

"It's hard to imagine a dog being passed around different homes. Knowing how stressful the kennel environment can be for some of our most vulnerable dogs, it can't have been easy for an elderly dog like Tiddles."

Sophie, Dogs team carer

Helping her overcome her fear of abandonment

Tiddles began to warm up to our kind handlers, like Sophie, but it was so hard leaving her in her kennel, as she had severe separation anxiety and would whimper when left alone. When we did have to leave her, we tried to make this as fun as possible. We gave her a comfy bed and lots of cushions and left a Kong with her, which kept her busy until we returned. We also took her out as often as we could on a peaceful walk, or into the office where she loved spending time with staff, sitting on their lap whilst they worked.

Once she was used to a routine, Tiddles became a bit more confident and enjoyed toddling along on walks. We were careful with her exercise and took her for slow, gentle strolls. As the weeks passed, we could see she was growing in strength, both physically and emotionally. Thanks to the patience of our team, we saw her transform into a lively dog with so much love to give.

"Once she had recovered from her ordeal, you saw more of her character. She was an affectionate lap dog who loved meeting new people."

Sophie, Tiddle's handler

Crossing our fingers for Tiddles

Tiddles loved nothing more than sitting on Sophie’s lap and getting fussed. And that’s what we hoped her new owners could give her. She needed a home with someone who could be with her for most of the day and provide all the loving companionship she had missed out on.

On The Dog House, we met the Bradfords, Lara, her husband Neil and their two children, Jamie and Daisy. They were looking for a small dog to join the family (including cat Lola) and make lots of new memories with. They were hesitant to meet an older dog at first, but Tiddles easily won them over with her affectionate nature.

After a few head scratches from the rest of the family, Jamie finally got his special moment with Tiddles when she came over for some fuss. It was clear from then on that she’d be coming home with them into her loving new home. We caught up with the Bradfords recently and it seems like Tiddles, despite her age, is now well and truly part of the family.

Tiddles with Lara

"Tiddles seems very settled – it's like she's always been here. She's a beautiful girl with a big heart who loves snuggles, and we couldn't be more overjoyed to have her here with us."

Help us save more stray dogs just like Tiddles

Alone, scared and confused Tiddles went through so much. Help us be there for the increasing number of strays who need us today. We have the expertise to look after and rehome pets who are paying the price of the cost of living crisis. Thank you for any support you can give.


£45 could go towards two x-rays to make sure a pet gets exactly the right course of treatment.


£8 a month could go towards providing pet food to struggling pet owners via The Trussell Trust.

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