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Meet Zoe, a beautiful beagle whose previous owner sadly wasn’t able to devote enough time to her anymore. After entrusting Woodgreen to find her a loving new home where she could get the attention she needs, we found the perfect match on The Dog House.

Food glorious food

Beagles love their food, and Zoe is no exception! It seemed she’d been taking advantage of her adoring owner’s good nature by indulging a bit too much. To help her lose weight, our team put a plan in place. This involved putting Zoe on a special diet and taking her on lots of walks around our Centre – but she was a tricky customer.

As well as being an absolute sweetie, Zoe has a stubborn streak. She’s a girl who knows what she wants, and that didn’t include going for walks. The team’s attempts to get her out and about were challenging to say the least, as she’d often put the brakes on. But they’ve seen this sort of thing before and weren’t going to give up easily.

Look whose walking

Like many of our pets, we suspected that time with a fosterer could do Zoe the world of good. So we placed her in the care of Marie, one of the charity’s most experienced volunteers. Although it took Zoe a few days to warm to her, they soon formed a wonderful bond.

This was a turning point for Zoe. She started a prescription diet and responded well to Marie’s encouragement to get her moving more. These efforts combined helped Zoe stay on track with her weight loss. A new-found love of walking was a huge bonus too!

“Zoe’s true personality came out, and she grew to love walks – we would go out four times a day.”

Finding her forever home

Finding Zoe’s forever home wasn’t easy for our rehoming team. She had two false starts with potential new owners. Zoe didn’t click with her first match, and the second wanted a more active dog. But then she met Venessa and her son, Jacob, who quickly fell in love with Zoe – and the feeling seemed to be mutual. They decided to make things official and adopted her during filming of The Dog House, Series 2 Episode 9.

Since being rehomed, things haven’t always been plain sailing. Woodgreen Behaviour and Training Specialist Wendy had to give Venessa some advice on Zoe aggressively guarding her food. And she’ll continue to be there for her if more help is needed to tackle the problem. Aside from that, we hear Zoe’s diet is going really well and that her new family love her to bits!

We're always here for homeless pets like Zoe. Can you help us care for them?

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