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Harry the six-month-old Saluki


This adorable six-month-old saluki cross was often left alone in the garden. Their owner brought him to Woodgreen because his family were struggling to cope.

Young Harry was too much of a handful for his family.

Being a bouncy puppy, he struggled at home on his own. This often resulted in unwanted behaviour, including forgetting his toilet training. When his owners went out for the day, they would shut him outside with a small shelter and a blanket.

He arrived with his tail between his legs and head drooping down. He looked to us for affection, but didn’t seem interested in playing or going on walks. Instead, he would hide away in his bed.

Harry the Saluki cross

Our team did everything they could to cheer him up, sitting in his kennel for hours and giving him lots of fuss. But when this didn’t work, it was time to think outside the box. We decided to set up a play date with a young lurcher called Michael. This gave Harry the chance to interact with another dog and distract him from his loneliness.

The meeting was a roaring success, and Harry and Michael became the best of friends. They had so much fun chasing each other around and going on walks. We even put them in the same kennel to give Harry a bit of company.

Helping Harry to cope

Next, it was time to help Harry get used to being in a house again. He and Michael were fostered by Sophie, one of our dog carers. She left them for short periods during the day, slowly increasing the time they spent alone. Eventually, Harry stopped panting, whining and going to the toilet in the home.

“Harry is really sweet, once he bonds with you, he’ll give so much love. He’s so happy and so much fun to be around. We became inseparable.”, Sophie, Harry’s handler and foster carer

A second chance at happiness

Once Harry was more relaxed and happier, he began to reveal a more confident side. We soon discovered that he was excited to meet other dogs. So much so, that he would lunge and whine because he was desperate to say hello. Sophie helped to calm him down while rewarding him with plenty of treats for good behaviour. Once he was calm, he was allowed off the lead to play.

After seven weeks of training and extra love and respite in his foster home, Harry returned to Woodgreen. This time, he had a zest for life and our team were really excited to see him and begin their search for a new home. We were looking for patient owners who understood his needs and could spot any signs of anxiety.

On The Dog House, we introduced Harry to a couple who fell in love with him, but they decided he didn’t fit in with their active lifestyle. Our team went back to the drawing board and matched him with Ashley and Lee.

Harry zoomed around the Meeting Pen as soon as he was let off his lead. He soon calmed down and went over to Ashley and Lee for some fuss. They were besotted with him and thought he was the perfect fit for them.

“Harry is still a happy, silly dog with legs that are still too big for his body. He falls all over the place when he’s playing. At home, he is the most placid, lazy dog you could imagine and likes to sleep for hours. He much prefers to be at home on the sofa or in the woodlands. We wouldn’t change him for the world.”

Ashley, Harry’s new owner
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