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This majestic Rhodesian ridgeback, Leilo, was brought to Woodgreen because her owners couldn't afford to keep her any longer.

Four years of discomfort and a cone

Leilo arrived at Woodgreen suffering from an ongoing severe ear infection in both ears, and they had become severely inflamed. She’d spent the last four years – almost all of her life – wearing a cone-shaped buster collar to prevent her scratching.

Our veterinerary team got straight to work, treating the infection with regular ear cleaning, ear drops, medication, and pain relief. Over the next six weeks she was a regular fixture at our surgery, with each round of treatment helping to reduce the pain and swelling.

Here for sick pets like Leilo

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24/7 care with fosterer Sian

With Leilo’s regular visits to the vets reducing the swelling and pain, she started to find freedom without having to wear a cone to stop her scratching.

However, even with the treatment starting to work, she was still very uncomfortable in our kennels. Many of our dogs find the transition from a home to kennels difficult to cope with, especially if they’re not used to the environment. So, we placed Leilo in the care of Sian, a dedicated Woodgreen fosterer, who she stayed with for a month.

“My husband and I made the decision to supervise her 24/7, so we could truly liberate her and allow her to be fully assessed without the collar being part of the problem.” 

Leilo became more comfortable with her collar off, it enabled her to move around more freely and reveal some of her cheeky traits. Sian was able to distract Leilo with toys, treats and a few tricks, so that she wasn’t inclined to scratch her ears. Eventually, she started walking normally again without having to pause for an itch.

Upon her return to Woodgreen, Leilo was checked over by our Veterinary Team, who were very happy with her progress. Although the infection had permanently damaged her ears by changing the colour inside due to the inflammation, she was no longer experiencing pain. Leilo was very excited to see all her pals in the kennels – she’d really come out of her shell and was ready to find her new owners.

“As we treated her, it was really nice to see her become more comfortable. And the days where she was cone-free, you could tell she was so happy.”

After her match on The Dog House, Series 2 Episode 8, Leilo went home with her adoring new owner Pauline, and we’re delighted to hear how well she’s settled in.

Pauline’s daughter, Victoria, is a regular visitor to their home and Leilo is always very excited to see her for extra love and affection! Pauline tells us: “Leilo is a sweetheart. She loves everyone and every dog she meets and shows her affection accordingly. She’s a star.”

We're always here for homeless pets like Leilo. Can you help us care for them?

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