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Meet Aara

Meet Aara, a Pet Advisor who’s part of the Welcome Centre Team at Woodgreen. Aara and the team work tirelessly to match pets with the perfect new homes based on their specific needs.

Get to know Aara and her role at Woodgreen

Aara has been working at Woodgreen for three years as a Pet Advisor. It was a massive career change for Aara after previously working as a nightclub DJ. Aara had always dreamt of working with animals, so applied for the position at Woodgreen and the rest was history.

Pet Advisors support pet owners who might be struggling with their pets at home, and need advice on what to do next. It’s important for people to know that we are there for them throughout the entire rehoming journey from getting their new pet and beyond. We want to help people live happy and fulfilling lives with their pets.

Getting pets back on their paws

Since working at Woodgreen, Aara says she has learnt so much about pet ownership. “I was lucky enough to foster a puppy called Bluebell who was abandoned outside our charity shop in Cambridge City Centre. I picked her up and brought her to Woodgreen where our Veterinary Team checked her over. They said she was only seven weeks old and had clearly been taken from her Mother too early. I offered to foster Bluebell so she could socialise with my other dogs and grow in confidence. It was very tough at first because she would wake up every two hours in the night crying, due to her separation issues.

My family and I saw a great improvement in Bluebell, we introduced her to different training techniques and provided plenty of enrichment, including slow feeders to keep her mentally stimulated. It was so special to be part of Bluebell’s rehoming journey and I was able to help find her the perfect home.

“Watching homeless and abandoned pets go home is one of the things I enjoy the most about working at Woodgreen.”

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