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Stray West Highland terrier Grant was left abandoned by the side of the road, and brought to Woodgreen. With time and patience, he regained his trust in humans and found his way into a loving new home.

Found alone by the side of the road

Upon his arrival at Woodgreen, Grant, who appeared on The Dog House, Series 2 Episode 3, was in a very neglected and anxious state. It was clear that he desperately required medical attention to treat his sore skin, grooming to remove his matted dreadlocks, as well as a diet plan to help him put on some weight.

Here for homeless pets like Grant

Our experienced team sprang into action to help Grant with antibiotics and placed him on a special diet. We're seeing more and more abandoned pets - and we'll never turn them away.


£45 could cover the cost of a large bag of dog food for dogs with special dietary requirements.


£8 a month could pay for a pet's essential first vaccinations before they're rehomed.

“Grant was very scared, very shy”

It was a big team effort to get Grant on the road to recovery. Our dog carers clipped off his matted fur, bathed him and put him in a comfortable, woolly coat.

Even then, it took Grant a while to trust any of the team. He’d clearly been left to fend for himself for some time, and it took patience to bring him out of his shell.

Grant responded very well to his medication. His skin improved, his fur began to grow back and he gained weight. He started to come out of his shell and bond with his carers, slowly becoming the playful dog he is now!

Grant formed a particularly close bond with one of his main carers, Dave. He showed Grant how to be a dog again with lots of walks, playing, treats, and giving him plenty of attention.

“As time went on, he was the guy, for sure. He was the most playful, friendly, sweet dog.”

From a shy and frightened little lad, Grant transformed into a confident canine companion – once he’d spent some time with you.

So when searching for his new home, we knew Grant would need owners with the patience to let him get comfortable and feel safe. And once he was ready, he’d show his playful side!

Grant found just the right combination on episode three of The Dog House. Now he’s living a peaceful life on a houseboat with his new owners Casper and Sid, who are overjoyed:  “He makes us a little family”.

We're always here for homeless pets like Grant. Can you help us care for them?

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