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Meet Lizzie

As one of our pet advisors, Lizzie helps to find a perfect match for all of the pets who comes into her care.

Lizzie has been working at Woodgreen for over twelve years. Her role as a Pet Advisor involves greeting and speaking to potential new dog owners. She works closely with the rest of the team, following the journey of all pets who come into our care. This includes learning all about their personalities and needs to help them find a perfect match.

A match made in heaven

“I play an important role of the ‘match-maker’, finding the pets in our care loving new homes. Woodgreen is such a brilliant place to work and everything feels more personal, because I work very closely with people who are excited to welcome a new pet into their home. It’s an emotional and special time for them, so trust is really important and I need to be there to support them.”

When finding a match, first we look at the pet’s specific needs to ensure the potential new owners have everything they need to manage these. Many of our dogs come from difficult backgrounds which often results in many challenging behaviours, so it’s important they’re placed in the best home where they can thrive.

"We see all sides of it. The other side of my job is quite heart-wrenching, especially speaking to people who may have come to the sad decision to hand their dog over to us. I will be there to listen and reassure them that we will find the right home for their dog."

Staying in touch

Once a pet is rehomed, we will get in touch with the new owners after three days, three weeks and three months. We’re always here to provide any extra support they need and we love receiving email updates and hearing all about how they’re settling in.

Let's do it